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Do you have questions about getting a mortgage to buy a home? Our experienced lending team of U.S. Military Veterans can guide you through each step. From getting preapproved to signing closing papers, our experts will help you meet your homebuying goals.

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Taking the first step is easy, whatever your situation. If you are just starting to think about a loan, or are ready to start your loan now, The Veteran Lending Team's exceptional loan officers are ready to help you without obligation.

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That's why we issue GUARANTEED Pre-Approvals!

You read that correctly! We issue fully verified, GUARANTEED, Pre-approvals. What does that mean? Well.... If we as the mortgage lender are unable to provide a final commitment letter that meets the terms of the Guaranteed Fully-Verified Pre-approval Letter we issue, we will pay both the buyer and the seller $1,000 each.

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In a Veteran’s journey to homeownership, specialized expertise and personal attention can make all the difference. Watch our clients describe how their Veterans First loan team stepped them through the process to accomplish their goals.

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