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Every Single One
of us is a fellow
US Military Veteran

We are the only mortgage or lending entity entirely made up of U.S. Military veterans. Every single one of us has served this great nation proudly and honorably! Now we exist to serve you!

We Bring The Military

  • Mindset
  • Work Ethic
  • Tenacity
  • Outside The Box Thinking
  • and Camaraderie

To the Lending Industry!

Why We Were Created

We created The Veteran Mortgage Team for two reasons:

(1) The mortgage industry is saturated with big box lenders, and small brokers, who use the Veteran name, military logos, or specialty key words, to market to the Military and Veteran community. Yet the vast majority of these folks have never served, and do not understand what folks go through. We got tired of seeing this take place and decided to do something about it. The word veteran in our name is not used a marketing ploy, but rather it describes who we are... We are a team made up ENTIRELY of US Military Veterans.

(2) No matter the reason we joined the military, it is something that unites all of us for the rest of our lives. After we get out, many of us long for that sense of belonging, teamwork, comradarie, and support. Very few of us find it in the civilian sector (lets face it we are wired differently). We created the Veteran Mortgage Team in 2020 to create employment oppertunities for our miliary/veteran bretheren. To create a team built on the same principals we were raised on in the military. To create an enviroment where taking care of our brothers and sisters is more important than making a buck.

We are called the Veteran Lending Team, rather than The Veteran Lending Company, division, platoon, group, etc, because we truly are a team. We support each other, we mentor each other, we cover down for each other... We truly have each other's backs (we won't say have each other's 6, because its become way too over used as a marketing tool these day).

Are you a Loan Officer?

People, Products, and Pricing... that's what we focus on!

Are you looking to join a team, that is truly a team? A group of like minded people that will support you, and help you, achieve your goals. A team that is on the cutting edge

Are you a Realtor?

Want to join our team?

We are unique in many ways. One of those way is that we have a Hybrid agent program. This program allows you to join our team and serve [Legally] as both the Realtor and Loan Officer on your transactions. Because we are backed by a federally insured FDIC bank, becoming a loan officer is much easier than normal!

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