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Hey Veterans, Let's Talk About VA Loans and Your Voice in Shaping Them!

If you’re seasoned in navigating VA loans, you’ve likely noticed their significant improvements over the last decade. Still, some bureaucratic elements persist, which are primarily there for important protective measures. The VA is committed to ensuring your safety and best interests throughout the loan process.

Now, brace for something unprecedented: the VA is openly soliciting your feedback on their Local Requirements. These are the detailed protocols and regulations specific to home loans, including state-centric requirements like termite inspections.

This is a pivotal moment. The VA is welcoming your input, but only for a brief window. This is your opportunity to influence the future of VA home loan protocols. For more information and to share your thoughts, you can access the VA’s official call for comments, here.

Real estate agents and mortgage professionals might already be versed in these Local Requirements. However, even suggestions about aligning with other loan agencies’ criteria are important. For a quick summary, refer to the “Summary” section in the VA’s announcement.

Your feedback can be individual or collective. Currently, the comments section is relatively unpopulated, and finding the feedback page might be challenging. So we did the leg work for you, just follow this link and add your comments to the proposed rule.

Reflect on whether the local requirements are truly in line with the property-buying realities in your state.

The insights of lenders and real estate agents are valuable, but the VA is especially interested in hearing from veterans:

  • Have you used VA financing to purchase a home? What was your experience like?
  • Are you contemplating buying a home soon? What reservations do you have?
  • Veterans’ spouses, your viewpoints are equally vital! And if you have relatives with relevant experiences, encourage them to participate in the discussion.


For instance, consider the VA’s guidelines on structural integrity assessments, which might be based on outdated standards. Does this reflect current building practices in your area? I’ve already shared my views on this topic on their website.

Opportunities to influence government loan programs are not common. The VA’s initiative to seek feedback is a significant stride forward. They’re aiming to refine the process for 2024, so it’s crucial to share your experiences and insights. Let’s ensure the VA is informed about what truly works for us!